Tuesday, 29 November 2011

ZERMMATTITIS: A musician's guide to going downhill fast-Tony Ashton

Zermattitis: A musician’s guide to going downhill fast by Tony Ashton
It is available at selected bookshops, on 'amazon.co.uk', and the
publisher's website 'wymerpublishing.co.uk' -
the reference is ISBN:
Tony with Gardener & Dyke
Tony & Eric
Tony with Paice & Lord

tony ashton book
An unashamed plug for a new book by the musician, artist, raconteur and all round diamond geezer Tony Ashton. He passed on ten years ago but all who met him, and were lucky enough to know him (as i was), have warm memories of him. This book is humerous, interesting and wonderful company; like the man himself. Thouroughly recommended

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