Friday, 12 February 2010


A new TV show has grabbed my attention like a fifty foot billboard with ‘Free Drink this way’ written on it. That show is Tool Academy. This fantastic exercise in pointless opportunism has to be seen to be believed. Its premise is to turn egotistical, arrogant, fools into caring new men, while their girlfriends gasp with shock at how genuinely awful these twerps are.
Some of the contestants are ridiculously self-named MEGA, Matsuflex and Celebrity.
We first are introduced to our awesome ninesome as they pull up in a pimped up Winnebago they then proceed to jump out and start gyrating ludicrously, doing push ups and lifting weights this is accompanied by macho rejoinders as to how awesome they are. They also appear to be unable to keep their shirts on as they whip them off with gay abandon in order to adopt Schwarzenneggeresque poses.
This is all done in the belief that they are taking part in a Show entitled Mr Awesome; they are rudely bought crashing down when their partners are wheeled in and they find out that the show is actually called Tool Academy.
Amazingly the girlfriends seem reasonably intelligent which is at odds with their inane other halves.
We are then treated to watching them undergo couples therapy with a sympathetic English psychotherapist and taking part in tasks that build their communication skills. One of which ended up in one of the Tools hurling a comfy chair across a sports field in frustration.
The posturing and idiotic comments made by these ludicrous twits is hilarious. I for one shall be following the trials and tribulations of these alpha male primitives.

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  1. There really is only one word-
    Begins with C and rhymes with 'fronts'.


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