Monday, 3 December 2012


Gun Crazy (AKA Deadly is the female), directed by Joseph H Lewis in 1950 is one of the most influential movies made in the fifties, influential to the next generation of movie makers from Goddard and Truffaut to Dahl and Tarantino and beyond. Doomed lovers, casual violence and creativity from the director all add up to make one of the key Noir films who's influence can be seen in films like  A Bout de Souffle, Bonnie & Clyde Badlands and True Romance.

British actress Peggy Cummins as Laurie Starr is a blueprint of post war pop iconography, she's sexy, smart and very dangerous. She pressurises good guy husband John Dall into taking the dark path for money and cheap thrills. Lovers on a crime spree but with a freshness of touch and a sexuality rare for the time. Obsession with guns is the catalyst for this couple and the journey they take is charted with a vigorous style and panache that belittles the minuscule budget.

Gun Crazy is a must-see for anyone who wants an insight into modern cinema and its roots. Its also a bloody good movie that is full of energy and charisma that belies its B Movie status.

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