Tuesday, 5 June 2012


painting of Prometheus

Ridley Scott is perhaps the titan of modern day movie directors who stumbled, hoist by his own petard so to speak, with the release of Prometheus.
Scott's much anticipated Alien prequel is a mess. Strong words? yes, but they are justified.

The movie is unsure whether it wants to be a Kubrickian study of why we are here, a Spielbergian tale of scientific wonder,a Verhoeven-esque politically tinged SciFi satire or an out and out shock/horror.
Duran Duran-Wild Boys

It struggles for cohesion. A good cast is wasted with little or no characterisation and Rapace's Shaw is a poor version of Ripley. Fassbinder's David is the robotic predecessor of Holm's Ash,Hendrickson's Bishop and Ryder's Call and is surprisingly insipid. The alien protagonists bring to mind Russel Mulcahy's over the top video for Duran Duran's Wild Boys and I therefore found myself humming the tune when they appeared.

The CGi does little to replicate Giger's vision in 1979's Alien and a tagged on 'shock' ending seems squarely aimed at those more familiar with the latter works of the franchise than those whose Alien experience is based on the first two movies.

All in all a disappointment. A Movie that suffers from schizophrenia and ends up not really knowing which type of movie it wants to be; which is a real shame.

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  1. I agree. The film struggled to find its own identity, it is nothing more than a poor imitation, largely based on poorly delivered and illogical hypothesis, the cast deserved better. I can't help feeling that this was a half-hearted effort by a great director, that like so many others get to a point in their career where they feel they can get away with anything.

    Capt. Kirk

    P.S. Spot on with the Duran Duran link.


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