Tuesday, 12 July 2011


They are unreasonable; Women. That’s not a misogynistic statement, but they are. Or rather, they can be...often. Women relate to other women in two ways; empathetic friendship or below the radar. The problem with being a male heterosexual in a relationship is that unless you are able to compartmentalise your whole being you are going to have rows, arguments, disputes and general unpleasentness. The reason is simple; women and men are different. There I’ve said it. It’s true. We think about certain things differently. We have different levels of memory. We have different perceptions of communication; we have different expectations in regard to expectation. Women make it appear they want a man who is, for all intents and purposes a woman underneath the gender difference. That’s impossible, which I’m sure women know, but they keep reaching for that Shangri La, yet they must know that this is fairytale stuff. They must do surely.
There is a time in the relationship when the bloke can’t do anything right. When that time comes the choices seem to be, become subservient or disagree. To disagree leads to all sorts of drama. Toeing the line is far easier, but at what cost to ones self esteem?
Being in a relationship with the right woman is great, don’t forget that (I don’t) but here’s the thing; it’s also a minefield of gender prerogatives and compromise. As long as the man accepts that he will be the compromiser 9 times out of 10 things should be okay.
A hell of a thing to admit but it is the case. In the words of Norm Petersen “Women, can’t live with them”


  1. "Can't live with 'em; pass the beer nuts"

    Leo M

  2. Hehehe I agree, Can't live with them.


having said that;