Saturday, 28 May 2011

MY HIT LIST: The Imperial March

The Killers, The Poseidon Adventure, Jaws, Superman, Close Encounters of the third kind, Raiders of the Lost ark, Born on the Fourth of July, JFK, Amistad, Jurassic park, Schilndler’s list, Saving Private Ryan, Munich just some of the movies scored by compose John Williams; most of them totally associated with the film in question.

My favourite piece by him is, however, The Imperial March from Star wars. I’m not a particular fan of the Star Wars thing (I can take it or leave it) but I find this piece evocative of power and menace and almost Prokofiev-esque (if such a word exists).
I always fancy it as a great piece of music for my Team to run out to, if they were as good as they used to be. It’s definitely bombastic but also has a beauty and majesty to it. it turns up in a new Volkswagen commercial and still sounds wonderful in this light hearted context

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