Friday, 20 May 2011

Cringe corner ; Halifa X crutiating

Excruciatingly, unspeakably, interminably awful! 

Halifax FM is the result of hopelessly out of touch and irritating advertising executives and blinkered 'fun' loving Banking focus groups coming together and inflicting the most cringe worthy TV advertising Campaign of the millenia upon an unsuspecting public.
If you find the music of Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer and the Stereo MCs appealing and you love inane banter and jaw droppingly awful attempts at humour, then these are the adverts for you.
They combine everything I hate about Commercials; pretence that the people taking part are members of the public who work in the bank, references to the worst of the eighties, ill conceived humour,repetitionrepetitionrepetition and irritation. If it actually existed, in a world of banal mediocrity in broadcasting, Halifax FM would be the anti Christ of Radio Stations.

Annihilate them, every single one of them!The banking bird brained bastards!

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