Tuesday, 3 May 2011


If you mix up Blade Runner, The Stepford wives, Mad Max, Sleeper, Miami Vice and Buckaroo Banzai the result would be Cherry 2000 a preposterous post apocalyptic pantomime of piffle. The casting of Melanie Griffith as a futuristic bounty hunter tells you all you need to know.

Orion obviously looking to cash in on the wave of Sc Fi that had been released tried to market it as a serious movie; they even have the audacity to use Bernard Herman’s Taxi Driver soundtrack on the trailer. Strangely enough the soundtrack itself is less sub Vangelis and more love story.
The film is quite extraordinary in it’s ill conceived story line, casting, acting, costume design and general heavy handedness but it is most definitely and eighties movie as even though it is set in 2017 the cast by and large look like refugees from Top of the pops and the Eurovision song contest circa mid eighties.
trailer trash
montage 2000

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  1. A wonderful mess of a movie! So wrong in so many ways! Great fun.


having said that;