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Flintlock  were a East London band who came to public attention in a number of child orientated TV programmes in the seventies but their appearance in  seventies Sc Fi series The Tomorrow People; a cross between Doctor Who, X-Men, Summer Holiday and The Wicker man spring boarded them to Top of the pops.. Drummer Mike Holloway was the paranormal Tomorrow people's resident heart throb therefore the band idea was focused around him. the episode they appeared in was about the band's music awakening an ancient demon. Given the programmes psychedelic under tones it's a surprise that the feature band were a bland bunch of popsters.
hearts of Soggoth
This was way ahead of the era when young Americans blew off half their faces because Judas Priest records played backwards told them to do so.Mind you the insipid racket Flintlock produced would probably raised a few demons in the minds of music lovers.
TOTP-check the charts
Surprisingly Flintlock went on to chart success, with their banal blend of popcorn and bubblegum. Mike Holloway went on to half a couple of poorly received solo albums and made a career on the pantomime/musical theatre circuit.
Disturbing opening sequence

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    Actually flintlock were not bland. And mike did more than a couple of albums. Including several cast albums including Joseph and smike Anonymous

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