Thursday, 21 October 2010


Dan the Jacobs Creek man holds court at the obligatory dinner party surrounded by easily impressed moronic lovely people in an advert that look like it was forged in the mid eighties advertising mire.

The new ‘True Character’ advert for Jacobs Creek Wine is unbelievably annoying. It has a loud mouthed antipodean character called Dan who supposedly captures the true character of the wine. Problem is that he is a smug narcissistic twonk with an insipid smirk who makes you want to kick his teeth in.
The people behind this appalling attempt at a lifestyle commercial are obviously big fans of BT and their sadverts featuring the irritating lead character and his cliché by numbers mates.
“The worlds most important wine critic” Dan calls himself in this eighties throwback, more like “the worlds most important anodyne cretin”
Anyone seeing this monstrosity would be put off buying Jacobs Creek (if they were stupid enough to buy it in the first place) for ever; it's cast are that obnoxious!
See the Advert in all its unedified horror:

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