Friday, 12 February 2010

a Timely Reissue awaits?

Yesterdays Hero is a hybrid between a light-hearted romantic film and a heart-warming drama. Ian McShane plays an alcoholic soccer player who has seen his better days. His saving grace comes in the form of his ex-girlfriend and her singing career.

After The Stud and The Bitch bestselling author Jackie Collins wrote this soccer saga, only this time, sister Joan was nowhere to be seen — that says it all! Ian McShane is the George Best-inspired footballer aiming for a comeback after beating a booze problem. Will he make it to the cup final?

Paul Nicholas (playing an Elton John-type rock star chairman) and Adam Faith (as McShane's manager) help him achieve his goal. Nicholas sings the theme song and teams up with co-star (and US sitcom celebrity) Suzanne Somers for a few other dreadful ditties shoehorned between snippets of disco hits such as Ring My Bell by Anita Ward and Wanted by The Dooleys.

Not content with getting Leicester City relegated during his brief foray into management, 'football adviser' Frank McLintock compounds the sin by having Ian McShane's decadent Roy of the Rovers make his cup final comeback with two winning goals against the insultingly dubbed 'Leicester Forest'. Jackie Collins' script is a paste job of scandal-sheet sports page headlines (boozing striker, hard-line manager, rock star chairman), while the US sports photographer turned director works backwards from footage of the Southampton-Nottingham Forest League Cup Final to give a hilarious sense of skewed felicity to the comic strip giant-killing progress of The Saints and their repentant super-sub sinner. John Motson commentates. Irresistibly bad

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