Friday, 24 July 2015


Cabaret is considered a musical, but it's not: it's a great movie with musical performances in it. The cast don't burst into song and it's themes are prejudice, hate, ambition and decadence. It is a superb movie that rightly won the Oscar for best picture. Liza Minelli is sublime as Sally Bowles not only on stage but off and the whole mood of the film is spot on.

Joel Grey is unforgettable as the host and Michael York reminds us of what a fine actor he once was. 

It's stage show set pieces are memorable and such numbers as Mein Herr, Life is a Cabaret, Money and it's finale the unforgettable, Tomorrow Belongs To Me leave a lasting impression. This is a movie where all off the players are at the top of their game.

The movie is full of sparkling dialogue and contains many a dark moment to offset Sally's kookiness. Cabaret is considered a musical, and if that it the case it is surely the best movie of that category ever made.

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