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Saving lives

I have to say that I love movies about Time Travel, Rod Taylor in The Time machine was a favourite of mine as a youngster as was the TV show Time Tunnel. Travelling back and forth in time seems a fascinating concept as the possibilities are endless

Great follow up to Moon by Bowie junior, yes it's high concept but its directed as a mainstream movie with an edge of real jeopardy. An excellent movie trimmed down to a sleek and economical machine by Jones with a great central performance from the versatile lead.

Gilliam has a style of his own and an extraordinary visual style and perhaps this is his crowning moment. Twelve Monkeys is a Hollywood movie with Hollywood stars but it has a singular vision courtesy of Gilliam.

Cameron's Terminator is relentless, as relentless as this movie. Arnie has never been better and the financial constraints benefit the overall feel of the film. In T2 a 'money no object' aesthetic made for a far more razzmatazz production. The Terminator is original, fierce and thrilling.
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12 Monkeys
The Terminator

A Lighter Touch

Francis Ford Coppola is not noted for levity in his films,nor are they generally considered family friendly however Peggy Sue got married sits alongside Back To The Future quite nicely. Turner has shown she can play light as well as intense and as Peggy Sue you can't help but root for her.
Woody Allen's most successful film to date is not his best (far from it) but it is easy to see why Midnight In Paris is such a hit. Owen Wilson, who I generally can'y abide, is good as Woody's avatar and the story is full of clever humour and real charm. 

Yes it's mostly about Jack the Ripper but there is a lightness of touch about this movie. It's conceit of HG wells chasing the killer across time makes for an entertaining movie that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Peggy Sue Got Married
Midnight In Paris
Time after Time

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