Sunday, 10 April 2011


Nerd, Geek, Dweeb, Poindexter all terms of abuse for a
certain type of person, usually coined by the school bully.
Yet these cats are still style gurus it seems. I though it would be a short lived marketing excercise but the Emo Phillips look endures. Even icons of cool like young Mr Timberlake are 'rocking' the nerd chic look. I always like to give the benefit of the doubt to the young when dressing in ridiculous attire; hoping that they grow out of it, but this latest look (and who knows, by the time i've finished typing this the crazee fashion world may have decided it is no longer de rigeur to dress like Professor Kelp) may draw a wry smile from those put upon Eugene's of the past.
It's only a problem in as much as these things go in cycles so pretty soon all the beautiful young things will be 'busting' the School bully look...whatever that is!
Mind you, one of the benefits of this trend has been the increase in types of glasses available. And for the short sighted amongst us there is now a plethora of frames to choose from. I just hope no one thinks I'm trying to be cool in my specs. I'm not. I just can't really see where I'm going without them.
"gimme your pocket money"

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  1. What worries me far more is the tendency of some grown men to dress like three year old tots and the seeming inability to wear baseball caps with the peak pointing in the right direction. One can, as you say, forgive fashion disasters in the young but there is nothing more irritating than seeing a forty year old dressed as a character from PEANUTS propelling himself down the High Street on a skateboard. Call me a grumpy old man if you want.


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