Thursday, 7 April 2011

FILM STUFF: The Pigeon Sisters

It is another odd couple who almost steal the Odd Couple movie. The 'Coo Coo' Pigeon sisters on their disastrous double date with Mattheu and Lemmon.
Cecilly & Gwendolyn are two British characters, played by Monica Evans and Carole Shelley, of such charm and humour one can't help but warm to them. Which Lemmon's Felix does, leading to him ruining the evening for Mattheus's Oscar.
The Pigeon Sisters

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  1. I never miss the odd couple,I feel sad Jack died on December 2012,one More thing is the pigeon Sisters had great legs an show a lot of them in the show,they are responsible for my hair growth on my hands now Monica Evans and Carole Shelley are like 72 and I am 55 but still remember they help with my youth stress back in the 70s,Thank you ladies..


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