Monday, 18 April 2011

CURIOSITY CORNER 99and44/100 % dead

Old aged mob boss, Edmond O'Brien hires Richard Harris’hit man, sporting terrible glasses and a Gene Wilderesque hairstyle, to take out a rival Mobster. The movie itself is as strange as the title featuring albino alligators, and Chuck Connors playing a one-handed psycho who can fit  a variety of deadly weapons on his arm. It has chase scenes that are something of a Frankenheimer trademark (see Ronin). It has music by Henry Mancini and a mental title sequence. There are sleazy dancers, dynamite, bombs and Warner Brother cartoon style shenanigans to go along with the proliferation of avante garde images and motifs. It's strange indeed. It’s surreal, weird and camp and a must for curiosity corner.

A cigar doesn't care who smokes it-Richard Harris

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