Friday, 25 March 2011


If I hear one more person say that they are ‘passionate’ about cooking, running a business, singing, acting, hairdressing, clothes shopping and any other
Activity that is perceived as tough for a lay person to do, I think I will be forced to lob a brick at them/the screen/radio.

These pronouncements are generally a case of a mentor slash guru telling a member of the public or an apprentice how they need to approach their given task; with passion.

Even normal types are getting in on the act with advertising campaigns proclaiming that they are passionate about the product or service they offer; be it tiling or refuse collection.

It seems to be the buzz word for saying that you like doing something. Why not just say that, rather than “I’m really passionate about baking”?

The problem with every Tom Dick and Harry banging on about how passionate they are about any given subject is that it devalues the term. These exclamations are generally associated with what the supposed expert does for a living and therefore they are overstating things. Ones passions are generally not associated with the work place but are reserved for people that you care about pursuits that give you pleasure and beliefs of differing kinds.

I guess it started with Gordon Ramsey, whose blunderbuss style seems suddenly old hat, trying to get mere cooks to create Michelin rated fare in their greasy spoons.

Please stop talking about being passionate everyone, less hyperbole would help us all be less shallow.

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