Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Curiosity Corner: SUPERGIRL: THE MOVIE

Peter O’Toole liked a drink. Peter Cook liked a drink as did Faye Dunaway. Marc McClure needed some cash as he was a bit player in Superman and Jeanot Swarc specialised in knock offs of bigger movies Hart Bochner had yet to make his superb cameo in Die Hard. Blend in a half baked satanic plot line, add to the mix a spaced out Mia Farrow and the theatrical star Brenda Vaccaro, mix in the two songs by 'of the moment' musician Howard Jones, schlocky effects and a $35m budget and what have you got?
Supergirl: The Movie
Poor Helen Slater, if anything she certainly looked the part; as perfectly cast as Christopher Reeves. Unlike Reeves her acting was wooden at best. This was to be a breakthrough part for the newcomer, but what spilled out onto the screen is one of the worst comic book, hell, worst of any genre movies ever made.

A sample of the ludicrous dialogue:

Selena: The world is at last my oyster. Bianca: Would you mind letting Bianca in on this, you know, unexpected bit of good luck? Or whatever it is? Selena: Bad luck. I have been chosen. The powers of darkness I think may, at long last, have come to their senses

trailer trash-UK trailer aimed at the Hammer market
trailer trash-official trailer

the fact that McClures' Jimmy Olsen is the only cast member from the Superman movies who is anyone near this debacle says a lot. The ridiculous exposition of a radio announcer explaining that Superman has gone to a distant planet on a diplomatic mission glosses over him not popping up.
Supergirl, who is Superman's cousin always seemed like a bit of an after thought as a character and in this movie that fact is hammered home. Magic spells and catatonic performances add to the inertia and the bizarre plot line is definitely a case of muddled thinking.
Supergirl: The Movie ranks right up there as a stinker in a sea of misconception, and yet, I quite like it for the reason that it is so awful.
The current trend for Superhero/comic book movies has produced some good films and some bad. Any producer who wants to know what to avoid when they consider the next property to give the celluloid treatment to should watch Supergirl, for a lesson in what not to do. 
Howard Jones-Supergirl



Funnily enough Supergirl was on a double bill at the Odeon Leicester Square with Can't stop the music. Not sure why the Village People and Supergirl went together, probably the pink pound, but as double bills go this is a world beater.
Just watch the trailer, as words can't describe how unutterably excruciating Can't stop the music is. Obviously having Steve Guttenburg in it is a massive clue.
trailer trash

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