Saturday, 19 February 2011


Captain kirk over at 'To Boldly Go' got me thinking about zombies, car chases, Funfair rides, zombie clowns, Bill Murray, Twinkies, mayhem, Woody Harrelson, zombie strippers and love, as you do.

That’s Zombieland directed by Ruben Fleicsher. It’s a lot of fun and, as did Shaun of the dead, inverts the zombie genre in an amusing and adrenaline charged way. It’s a cross between the American road movie, Mad Max2 and the Outlaw Josey Wales, as Harrelson becomes the father figure of a strange extended family in search of a safe haven. Banjos, skillets, shears, guns, bats and other assorted pieces of hardware are used by Harrelson against the zombies that get in the way in his quest for Twinkies.
Throughout the film we are introduced to the golden rules of survival on a zombie infested planet:

Double Tap
Beware of bathrooms
Seat belts
Travel light
Bounty Paper Towels
Bowling Ball
(Don’t) be a hero
Changed in the movie, after it’s defined, to “Be a hero.”
Limber up
Plan your escape aka: When in doubt, know your way out.
The Buddy System
Check the back seat
Enjoy the little things
Swiss Army Knife

Its’ not clever but it is funny, it’s not a masterpiece but it has some terrific moments, it’s not Citizen Kane it’s Zombies losing brains. Very much a popcorn, beer and hot dog movie.
fasten your seat belts

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