Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Favourite waste of time

Various directors blah blah, favourite films etc, here's a list and so forth...
Land of Cerpts and honey's idea...Fleapit of the mind has done it, so here it is, a completely unimportant selection to add to the world of futile gestures and meaningless list making and so on...

Jerry Lewis-The Nutty Professor
John Carpenter-the thing
John Landis-An American Werewolf in London
Alfred Hitchcock-The 39 Steps
Brian DePalma-Carrie
George Lucas-American Graffiti
George Pal-The Time Machine
Stanley Kubrick-The Shinning
David Lynch-Mulholland Drive
Sidney Pollack-Tootsie
Martin Scorsese-Mean streets
Sidney Lumet-The Hill
Richard Donner-Lethal Weapon
Fritz Lang-Fury
Steven Spielberg-Jaws
Tony Scott-True Romance
Ridley Scott-Alien
Ang Lee-Crouching tiger hidden dragon
Spike Lee-Do the right thing
Steven Soderburgh-Erin Brokovitch
Rob Reiner-Stand by me
Carl Reiner-Dead men don’t wear plaid
George Romero-Martin
David Mamet-House of games
David Lean-Oliver Twist
 David Fincher-Fight Club
Roman Polanski-Repulsion
David Cronenburg-The Fly
Frank Oz-Dirty rotten scoundrels
Terry Gilliam-Time bandits
Danny Boyle-Trainspotting
Stephen Frears-The Grifters
William Friedkin-To Live and Die in LA
Joe Dante-The Howling
Cameron Crowe-Jerry Maguire
Michael Mann-Manhunter
Christopher Nolan-Memento
Bryan Singer-The Usual Suspects
John Huston-The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
John Hughes-Ferris Bueller’s day off
Michael Curtiz-Casablanca
Mike Leigh-Life is sweet
Oliver Stone-JFK
Barbet Schroeder-Barfly
Curtis Hansen- LA Confidential
Wolfgang Reitherman-The Jungle book
John Singleton-Boyz n the hood
Sam Peckinpah-The wild bunch
Paul Greengrass-The Bourne Ultimatum
Joseph L Mankiewicz-All about Eve
Paul Verhoeven-Robocop
Wolfgang Peterson-In the line of fire
Lawrence Kasdan-Body Heat
John McTeirnan-Die Hard
Orson Welles-Citizen Kane
Woody Allen-Love and Death
Joel Coen-The Big Lubowski
George Cukor-A star is born
Mike Newell-Donnie Brascco
Billy Wilder-Sunset Boulevard
Penny Marshall-A league of their own
Howard Hawks-Bringing up baby
Paul Thomas Anderson-Boogie nights

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  1. It's really funny. . .a lot of your choices were actually my second choices and only missed out being my first choice by a microbe: John Carpenter's THE THING, Kubrick's THE SHINING, Sidney Pollack's TOOTSIE, Spielberg's JAWS, Fincher's FIGHT CLUB, Gilliam's TIME BANDITS, John Huston's TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE, John Hughes' FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, and Peckinpah's WILD BUNCH. Loved your list!


having said that;