Thursday, 2 December 2010

MY HIT LST #46 George Seurat-Bathers / La Grande Jetta

Popular art can be derided, but just because it's over familiar through Athena posters and Ikea prints doesn't mean it's not good.
I love these paintings and have been lucky enough to see the originals in Paris. Bathers is beautiful in it's simplicity of complex dots of colour. Take it from me, seeing this piece of art as it should be seen is a great experience. The bathers, working men, caught in a moment with their factory workplaces in the distance, its a hypnotic painting. Peaceful and melancholic.La Grande Jatte is almost the other side of the river where the beauty of the surroundings is quietly absorbed by the affluent strollers. Tres bien George.

which was followed by
La Grande Jatte

transfixed by Seurat

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