Tuesday, 23 November 2010

New Jack Swing

"pop music usually performed by black musicians that combines elements of jazz, funk, rap, and rhythm and blues"
"most pop-oriented rhythm-and-blues music since 1960s Motown", since its "performers were unabashed entertainers, free of artistic pretensions; its songwriters and producers were commercial professionals."
Two quotes that perfectly sum up New Jack Swing. The term was coined on October 18, 1988 for a style of music that typified young aspirational black America. The main creator of the sound was producer and performer Teddy Riley and the style was all angular haircuts sharp suits and an affluent sway. It was both danceable and poppie which led to Michael Jackson using Teddy Riley to Produce for him, notably on Remember the time (Jackson's last good record). With it's own superstars like Bobby Brown and R Kelly it's sound became diluted and faced an inevitable backlash for being unashamedly commercial. It was the sound of it's time and reached a peak with the release of the movie New Jack City, it also became the American mainstream sound of the late eighties and hearing it again takes one back to those time. New Jack Swing was a genuine hit factory and it's mass appeal was due to it's unpretentious pop ethic its slick vocal groups and it's clear show biz attitude.
new jack city trailer
some examples;
christopher williams dreamin'
johhny kemp just got paid
johhny gill rub you the right way
guy new jack city
wrecks n effects new jack swing
Hi five I like

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