Thursday, 25 November 2010

Let them eat fried chicken

Huge job cuts in the public sector are taking place in the UK and, apparently, as a result we face the following

Age of Austerity
Fiscal squeeze
A bloodbath in the public spending
Deficit warning
Zero sum public finances
A workplace guerrilla war

By ‘we’ I guess they mean ordinary working people. Those that don’t, can’t and won’t work should be fine. They’ll still get their money for fags, cheap liquor and Generic fried chicken.
there is no good news

People getting the chop from their jobs can’t be disguised by using buzzwords. The reality is we are going to see a further disintegration in the social fabric as those who work in caring, vocational areas get axed along with the bureaucrats.
you're fired

So less care means more couldn’t care less. Nice one our leaders!

Mind you the announcement of the Royal wedding has cheered everyone up. No Austerity for the Windsors then, unless of course the Bride’s family are paying for it as is tradition.


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