Saturday, 20 November 2010

Celebrities in Need

I really don’t like BBC’s Children in Need annual telethon. Now before I get accused of being a sour faced uncaring sod like Ebenezer Scrooge, let me say why CIN fills me with nausea. It’s an excuse for Celebrities to boost their careers by showing their caring side; The Charidee stereotype in full effect.

The thought of children globally who suffer can bring me to tears. It’s not right, simple as! But the fact remains that political intervention can alleviate this suffering. A selection of various also rans and wanabees regurgitating Morecambe and Wise’s Newsreader sketch,’ There’s nothing like a dame’ is an offensive punt at self effacing sensitivity. The so called celebrities who appear along side Wogan and company are all there by the finagling of their agents who know that the exposure is good for their careers.

It’s cynical, cloying sentimentalism at its worst.

Some might say “what’s your beef?” and anyone who knows wellyousaythat appreciates my understanding of Children and their needs. Be that as it may, this annual excuse to boost record sales, push for a daytime presenters post or get a spot on Strictly Come dancing is a stagnant exercise in PR.

If that bloke from Hollyoaks, the fellah from the Jungle, The Ex Newsreader, the reality TV here today gone tomorrow chap or that girl from Loose Women wants to contribute to the destruction of global child abuse why not just put their hand in their pocket on the quiet? Why can’t ex newsreaders and Teenage music TV presenters spend some time volunteering?

the horror the horror

It’s all about trying to do what Queen did at Live Aid; rejuvenate a career through the medium of care.

I know personally a lot of people who see injustices and address them in their own way, especially where children are concerned. They do this by going the extra mile in their jobs with children, by giving their time and resources to try to put a dent in the problem. They don’t need a prime time BBC slot to make them feel good about themselves. Maybe it’s because they are not that self appointed icon of the Noughties; the celebrity.

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