Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Double Digit Disgrace

‘Meet the man who has 10 children by 10 different mums and is costing the taxpayer £2m’

That is the headline that further underlines press sensationalism and the parlous state of things in today’s UK. Having ten kids would be the norm in the Mormon community and other sub cultures; however this is more a case of sub human moron than sub culture Mormon.

Keith McDonald, who at 25 is into double figures with children and mothers apparently brags to his fellow morons; "I pull them on the buses." Having seen the state of both him and his conquests I can only assume that the buses in question are tainted by radioactive materials.

This character claims disability benefit for a "bad back". This may explain why he spends so much time horizontally. He is on record as saying: "I never keep a job because it gets too boring for me”. He therefore spends most of his time drinking Stella Artois, chain-smoking and playing computer games.
 "It's not my fault I have got so many children."

"I always have to have a can to get myself up and started in the morning," said the recalcitrant oaf.

Of course a system operates that allows the erstwhile ‘Sunderland Shagger’ to take both moral and financial liberties. He’s not the only young man with no sense of responsibility or perspective, unfortunately there are another ten human beings bought into the world that will in all probability grow up with the same values lacking

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  1. As a friend said to me once "The trouble with these people is that they breed".


having said that;