Wednesday, 5 May 2010

"This is what I do"

An old piece of Youtube magic popped up today. Holly Jervis; comedic marvel as seen in the appalling X-Factor

Holly Jervis; delusional, untalented bad attitude and ridiculous self belief, yes that’s all true but so are most of the twerps who appear on the synthetic celebrity sluice that is X factor.

What I love about Holly is her ability to come across like a fully realized and scripted character. You can completely get her back story from her brief appearance. The Holly Jervis character could have stepped out of a Chris Morris spoof expose on the talent show world.

She proclaims, somewhat in the manner of David Brent: “I want people to hear me sing and not just at hotels, weddings or at holiday parks. It’s my time. My voice is big, it’s powerful and I don’t look like the kind of person that would have that voice. It’s time to show that off. I want to surprise people. I want this. This is what I am made to do and I’m here to prove it”.
“I want to stand on a stage and have an audience look at me and say yes, she’s different, she’s got something – that X Factor”.

Producers thought she was so bad she could be worth a slot on the excruciating X-Factor tour. But she is ignoring their calls.
An insider said: "She was genuinely devastated so she won't even pick up the phone."

It’s not really a case of her being a bad singer; the show is full of them. It’s more about her comments and delusional attitude. Failing an audition on a show as transparently uncreditable as X-Factor is no big deal after all.

This is a genuinely funny piece of video and Holly is complemented by the comments made by Cheryl Cole (or is that now Tweedy?)

“You should try preaching or speeching”

Simon Cowell, he of the scripted barb, also remarks that her mouth is like looking into a cave.

I want to know what Holly is doing now, is she still pursuing her dream at Butlins and Pontins? Has she become a cult figure or has she turned into a broken woman? I hope not, I want to see more of Holly. Comedy gold like hers doesn’t come along that often


  1. What do you mean crazy?

    From George P

  2. A bit harsh for poor Holly.. she didn't have a bad attitude that's unfair. Just not the best singer in the world.

  3. where is she now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I felt so sorry for her and hope she does not give up. They abused her and the hateful comments people made are loathsome.

  5. When alls said and done Holly is as 'talented' as anyone whose made a career from the X Factory , it says more about the judges and producers of the show that they shot her down with such vigour. My comments on a small blog read by a handful of people don't amount to a hill of beans but despite the fact that I have an opinion on her it is not one I would deliver so untactfully in front of millions. Holly shows human frailty and I wish her good luck. The judges show spite; but that's what the viewers want.

  6. Your 2013 comment attempts to take a moral high ground over X Factor judges but your 2010 comments are truly horrible. You're really just part of the braying, mocking mob.

    There's nothing funny about anybody being publicly hurt for 'entertainment'.

  7. Thank you Mr Bailey. I welcome any comment: good, bad, sanctimonious or indifferent

  8. It was HER choice to go on the show. If she's that deluded, she's only got herself to blame, and most probably her parents too.

  9. Really disagree with your unfairly harsh assessment. Holly was not delusional, nor untalented (she could actually hold a tune, unlike many others) nor did she have a bad attitude. She actually came across as a nice, genuine person who really wanted to advance her singing career. She definitely chose a poor song, and is most likely not cut out to be a recording artist, but I imagine she could have had a future as a stage singer or similar. I'd be interested in knowing what happened to her.

  10. Holly really does not have a bad voice. She's gotten some bad vocal coaching. Singers are taught to open their mouths and enunciate, but she was taught to over exaggerate, to open her mouth too wide.Her voice is not as big as she has been told it is; she tries too hard to make it bigger than it really is. She opens her throat too much, which gives her tone a hollow, false sound. She has not been taught how to focus her tone, therefore, it's too wide, and all over the place. She's not a bad singer- she's just had a really bad teacher.


having said that;