Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Watching Alexander Burke of X Factor fame introduce her new song and video was akin to a health and safety expert showing a banal and soulless film about the perils of the workplace. Ms Burke seems a decent enough person but the aural and visual wallpaper that followed was a reminder how mind numbingly awful modern pop music is.
Modern pop music has as much joy as that held on the semen smeared faces of  porn stars , lacking in heart, emotion and soul. It's formulaic composition is both predictable and cynical. There is no emotional truth to it nor is there any sense of haphazard talent conjoining through inspiration to produce something that fills the mind and the room with fun and gives a uplifting sense of enjoyment; which is pops raison detre. The production teams and Svengalis churn out the generic burger of popular music with the sterility and systematic conformity of a turkey twizzler factory.
These, so called, musical masterminds operate in the equivalent of an abattoir where the last remnants of flesh are stripped from the bones of a pop culture that once had meaning and resonance.
The last great age of Pop music, The Eighties, had at least some heart and soul and most of all an all important drop of fun.
Today Simon Cowell is the Dr Mengelle of modern music and the X Factor is the Nuremburg Rally of the vacuous.

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