Monday, 24 May 2010

Master of disaster

Charlton Heston; when it comes to Disaster & Dystopia Chuck is your man. Never has an actor been more synonymous with carnage ruin and a bleak future.

Earthquakes, Train crashes, sunken subs, Air disasters, mad snipers and bleak looks at a future of misery were Heston’s Genre of choice.

The Omega Man has a depressing air far removed from I am Legend the movie (both based on Richard Matteshons book) and Planet of the apes' bleakness is unmatched by the Tim Burton remake.

It is surprising that a remake has not been made of Soylent green or perhaps we are too close to the reality.

Heston has many detractors for his views on guns and his rampant Reaganism but for decades he was the Master of disaster.

It seemed to be that he was the face of a crushed and desperate humanity facing adversity and disaster with a manic grin.

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