Saturday, 15 May 2010

Going to the dogs

Now I like dogs, they really are man's best friend. As for dangerous dogs; Dangerous owners is the case. The trend has been for urban dog ownership of an aggressive nature. This trend has expanded to having two dogs straining away at the leash outside the fried chicken shop. But not to be outdone I have begun to see the 'Three Dog shuffle'.
Yep Cerberus is the new Rock 'n' roll on 'The Streets'. Accept no substitute for when you want to get Mythological on someones arse!
The worrying thing is that dogs need space, exercise and most of all love. I envisage a near future when these owners get bored and abandon their responsibilities. The realisation that these dogs cost an arm and a leg, sometimes literally, to keep will gradually seep into their underdeveloped frontal lobes.
Still it was a good idea at the time. Bolstering their masculinity and credibility. The day I see someone with four will , unfortunately, not be far away.They need to remember; A dog is for life not just for bizness*

*Bizness-ones daily search for cheap drugs and cider whilst intimidating fellow pedestrians on the way to the job centre.
apparently this one is so last year.

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