Saturday, 1 May 2010

Child care less

Childcare. Caring for children of others should be a task best managed with the support and assistance of parents however some parents believe that childcare absolves them of any level of personal responsibility. For example a parent is late collecting their child so are phoned by the childcare provider; Parent-“Oh, sorry I didn’t call but I’ve got no credits on my phone”
Well you have a child so make sure you have enough credit!
Another parent is late: Parent-“Oh, I’ve been at a job interview”
Then let us know in advance so your child is not worried!
And another; “it’s only ten minutes”
Ten minutes, ten hours, late is late!
The point is that some parents feel that their responsibilities end when the child is out of their sight.
The ‘it’s not my responsibility/fault/problem’ attitude is at an all time high. Having a child is fundamentally the greatest responsibility a human undertakes. Some feel it’s harder owning a dog than having a child . Dogs have to be taken out and won’t just sit in front of the TV. Dogs need to be shouted at to comply whereas children don’t always respond to raised voices. You can leave a dog in the house on its own all day….
I actually overhead someone say “It’s easier having a kid than owning this bleedin’ dog”.

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  1. Preferring dogs to children, I'd never leave a dog alone in a house all day. What really worries me are the totally dumb people who leave young children alone with dogs. We've seen the horrific results of this stupidity too many times.


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