Sunday, 4 April 2010


• Public Image Limited- Metal box
• Wire-Pink Flag
• Siouxsie and The Banshees-Join Hands
• Joy Division-Closer
• Durutti Column-The Return of The Durutti Column
• Simple Minds –Empires and Dance
• Magazine-Second hand Daylight
• Gang of four-Entertainment
• Manicured Noise-Northern stories
• The Pop Group-Y
I’m going to use the term ‘post punk’ to loosely group together these records from Wire’s Pink Flag released in 1977 to later albums the development of the genre moves from gloom and abstraction through to pop and Funk inspired landscapes.
A period of great interest to music fans and obsessive’s. That there’s a large smattering of Northern musicians at play here is true but perhaps the monument to the new development was PILs Metal Box; has there ever been such a wilfully difficult mainstream record released? From the act of actually getting the record out of the tin, to the fact that on some stereos the needle would bounce around due to the heavy bass, to the actual music contained therein.
Join Hands and Closer could be played back to back on a gloomy Sunday to make things more gloomy while Magazine and simple Minds efforts sound like the beginning of a shift in music from abrasion to complexity.
The Gang of Four and The pop Group were clearly influenced by Funk as where Manicured Noise as their music changed from cold and dark to Funky and slightly warmer.
The Punk scene that John Lydon had been so pivotal in had changed to a post punk view and again, with PIL he was a catalyst.

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