Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Phone box shenanigans

A friend of mine (thanks JS)made an observation that got me thinking. He asked if i had noticed that whenever you see someone using a public phone box it looks like they are up to no good.
In the old days a phone boxes were used by people who could not afford a phone at home, therefore people on low income made use of them. Now poverty, low income or mixed financial priorities make no difference to owning a mobile phone. The pay-as-you-go revolution has allowed literally everyone to have their own mobile (or Cell as our American brethren call them).Sometimes the local street dwellers have two phones, one 'for family and that' and another for 'bizness'.

Of course we all look back fondly on the old Red call boxes, they are a reminder of more civilised times. Politely waiting outside for your turn and enjoying the privacy and cosiness of the traditional British phone box.Those days are gone, the phone boxes now are basic and exposed and in design terms horrendous.
Therefore who is it that uses the ugly BT call points? Criminals, blokes calling the numbers on those lovingly designed 'escort' cards, so as to be completely untraceable, people who have popped out to call their mistresses, those undesirables who enjoy making threatening and hoax calls,and of course terrorists.

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