Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Dennis Franz

Dennis Franz is a one of a kind character actor who has maintained an unusual appeal, notably playing Cops and Detectives.

So good as Sal Benadetto he came back as another character, Norm Buntz in the groundbreaking Hill Street Blues, where he became something of the star of the show. He then moved on to play Andy Sipowicz in NYPD Blue for which he won a number of awards. Between these two heavy weight Cop shows he appeared in Hill Street spin off Beverley Hills Buntz where he teamed up with Sid the snitch for some not so successful detective adventures in Beverley Hills.

He also has made appearances in a number of films, notably directed by Brian DePalma; Karp in Blow Out and the sleazy detective Rubin in Body Double. With other roles as Toomey in Psycho II and Lorenzo in Die Harder.
He has appeared along side Shatner in TJ Hooker and as himself in the classic Simpsons episode Homer Bad man and continues to pop up in a variety of roles both on small and large screen.
I will always remember him as Norman Buntz the one of a kind cop with depth behind the bravado.


  1. Is that Michael Caine in the first still ? If so, what's it from >

  2. Yeah its Caine in DePalma's Hitchcockathon Dressed to Kill


having said that;