Friday, 30 April 2010


Many years ago I lived in a part of London known as The Ladder with my then other half. We had the downstairs and the upstairs was owned by a young women who’s boyfriend was also young; a young Steve Coogan. He came across as unassuming and quiet, unlike the tabloid star of today.
Coogan is one of those people who have faced the media backlash that success in the UK seems to bring, but his work, when reflected upon is absolute quality. From the sheer observational genius of Alan Partridge to the vastly under rated Saxondale Coogan’s characters have been some of the best creations in modern comedy.
His forays into movies have been less successful as he has generally played versions of himself, in fact his best big screen outing was playing Steve Coogan in A Cock and Bull Story alongside the excellent Rob Brydon. He also played Tony Wilson and Phineas Fogg two larger than life characters but in very different ways.
Paul Calf and sister Pauline, along with Tony Ferrino and Duncan Thickett appeared in his live performances where his interactions with the audience elevated them from just stage shows.
One of the least seen shows featuring Coogan was 'I am not an animal' in which Coogan voiced the pretentious horse Philip Masterson-Bowie and Mark Anderson AKA Glen Belt the one one hit wonder Sparrow. Here's Belt's Number 1 hit single

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