Monday, 12 April 2010


It was always going to be a hard act for Vertigo to follow up the sublime 100 Bullets but the new series of Unknown soldier is a superlative offering.

The character has been rebooted, following the initial incarnation as a WW II character he is now a pacifist doctor in 2002 Uganda.

In the Vertigo Comics repertoire there have always been complex titles, Scalped for instance and this complexity of story is present in Unknown Soldier. The Style of Vertigo is the comic book equivalent of a HBO series. 100 Bullets would definitely work in this format and Unknown Soldier is equal in it's structure. The scripting is tight and as realistic as Brian Azzarello's in 100 Bullets and the art is as complex and flowing as that of The great Eduardo Risso in the same title.

Covers by the likes of Johnson and Corben mirror the standards of 100B, as do the muted tones of the artwork.
For those fellow fans of the Comic book I can't recommend this highly enough, and as the blurb on the collected Vol 1: Haunted House says, it is a great entry level comic Book for those who have never dipped their toe.
Below is a link to download issue #1 why not try it and see how the world of Vertigo works for you.Enjoy

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