Monday, 1 March 2010

Public emnity

This weekend everyone got on my nerves. When I say everyone I mean the general public pedestrian peddlers and shop assistants. In the phone shop in lovely Hampstead it took ages and ages and ages and ages (you get the general idea) to get things done. Customers were coming in asking stupid questions and not believing the answers given by the staff members; “I gave my phone to my Granddaughter and she dropped it in a puddle, What can I do?” “can I put my Vodaphone SIM card into a locked iPhone” “have you got the new such and such in thingammy with a whatchamacallit?”
Then The coffee shop for a much needed caffeine hit, to be met by a dawdling misery guts with more internalisation than manners. On the street it was like an obstacle course as salespeople working under the protective cover of charity try to make you part with your hard earned cash; “Excuse me sir have you got a minute?” ‘NO! LEAVE ME ALONE’
Then there’s the shop assistant sat behind the counter of his corner shop kingdom too busy on his mobile phone to acknowledge that you want to buy a bottle of water and a pack of Wrigley’s Extra. Apart from having the hump with everyone I came into contact with I also had to tolerate numerous 'browsers' standing exactly in front of the aisles that I wanted to look at, hummimng and ahhing about what to get and taking it upon themselves to read the Local paper cover to cover.
Modern life can throw up things that tip a slightly grumpy mood into a rant generating fury.
Phew! Thanks god I'm at home and don't have to venture out of the house until tomorrow.
Anyway have a nice day all!

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