Wednesday, 17 March 2010

My Double Bills # 6 A SLICE OF LIFE

Bronco Bullfrog
A rarely seen 1968 movie that explores being young working class and bored with life. Unusually for it's kitchen sink styling it is set in not so swinging London where casual violence and general apathy characterise the lives of the Suedeheads it portrays.

Written and directed by Barney Platts-Mills, and available exclusively from his web site this is a film that anyone who wants a taste of an honest view of life during this period. It is stylistically more akin to French new wave and has an archive of clothing that many a mod revisionist will find interesting.
Most of all it feels real and is well worth a view.

Poor Cow

The previous year Poor Cow was released and was an early excursion from Ken Loach and is noticeable for it's realism and a performance from real life gangster John Bindon, you can imagine the characters from Bronco becoming this people as they grow older. It shows abuse crime and mental fragility in an unflinching way. Despite the advertising around the film and some of the music it certainly does not represent the glamorous side of London.

Both films capture a moment where the aspirations of the middle classes in the sixties had not reached the masses.

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