Friday, 28 June 2013


If ever there were a group of ne'er do wells with a mission statement of pricking the pomposity of the superhero community it is the Yancy Street Gang. Primarily picking on the ever lovin' blue eyed Thing and the rest of the Fantastic Four they've popped up elsewhere to have a go at others from the cape and cowl brigade of New York. The motley crew has featured members Ben Grimm (the Thing), Nick Fury and colourfully named characters such as Two fisted Tommy Boyd, Dictionary Dawson, Little Larry Lee,Lugwrench Lubowski,Smooth Manny Merengues, Rhythm Ruiz, Hopper Hertnecky and Slugger Sokernowski.
The Yancy Street Gang are the Dead end Kids of the Comic Book world and their various exploits always added a light touch to the adventures of the FF.

But when all is said and done they are a pretty heroic gang who don't take kindly to anyone else picking on their targets.

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