Saturday, 16 February 2013


People Like Us is a new reality TV show currently being broadcast on BBC3, set in Salford Lancashire it centres on the lives of various, so called, ordinary people. These people are operating on the margins; the margins of common sense, self worth and basic intellect.
Quote from People Like Us : "it's like what they say innit? 'Get rich or try dying'"
Quote from People Like Us: "They've took me pictures out of the Laundriette, Sid Vicious, John Travolta and Bone-o out of U2"
Quote from People Like Us: "I'm cutting down from drinking me usual hard stuff" (said while pouring A PINT of Lambrini)

It's actually depressingly entertaining TV, It says more than a million words could about modern Britain. Oh, and it's not scripted: no writer could come up with the verbal gems on offer. Ah, glorious Salford!

No ones been able to successfully capture this underclass through satire. The closest is Shameless but even that family are too 'posh' in comparison. Time for Chris Morris & Charlie Brooker to tackle the subject. A Nathan Barley (their superlative comedy about Hoxton trendies) about the dregs. They could call it Lee Falkland or Kyle Manorview or Dean Deepfry or maybe Jonjo Nailbar.

Lack of culture leads to girls going out in pyjamas, it leads to bad manners and laziness, it leads to lack of common courtesy, it leads to distorted values. Smash communities and you smash culture. Close down Pubs and you close down culture. Destroy high street shops and you destroy culture. It's been happening right in front of our eyes
Morality, ethics, values, sense of purpose, pride all things missing when there is no culture. 

It`s not just this easily categorised Jeremy Kyle viewer that is operating on the edge of knowledge though. Being dim is nationwide, it's fashionable,the chattering middle class fashionista is embracing thickness  too, 'Thick-Chic': It started with Peaches Geldof and is almost a replacement  for culture. Wilful stupidity is the new black as we teeter on the very verge the of an idiot national identity. The streets of trendy Dalston and beleaguered Salford are poles apart in terms of money and opportunity yet both run equally red with idiocy.

A true meaningful culture seems to be what's missing, being stupid appears to be 'on trend'. 

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