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Richard Ayoade in Nathan Barley

Channel 4 has had a major influence on British comedy in its 30 year life therefore a run down of their top 30 comedy shows was interesting viewing. The number one spot went to Father Ted; Im probably in the minority but this is a show that I am mystified by its popularity. Also highly placed was the dire IT Crowd; a sit come of ITV 1970s standard.
Nathan Barley

What was surprising was the omission of a number of excellent shows. Nathan Barley; Brooker and Morris' dissection of trendy Hoxton types, Jam; surreal and innovative, My new best friend; taking hidden camera TV to new heights and Pete versus Life; Rafe Spall plays classic lead character in a classic situation led comedy.

My New Best Friend

Pete Versus Life
On balance though, Channel 4 has been responsible for some splendid comedy and for that they should be applauded. 


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