Friday, 6 July 2012


Beneath the minimnilist sleeve lies a layered and significant British album. Lyrically saying a lot about the UK of the past and its present, Please is a notable album which contains some superb songs; possibly the best work of their careers. 

Pop hit's flourished from within and Pet Shop boys became household names following the runaway success of West End girls The album is up there with The Kinks, The Who and The Jam with it's Britishness but it has an international sound; a vibrant electronic pulse that is part Moroder, part Kraftwerk, part Arthur Baker and a full on pop sensibility with melancholia alongside subtle humour.

Released in March 1986 it crystalises a time and place beautifully. Stand out tracks are Opportunities, the superb Suburbia,the understated Violence, Two divided by Zero, the soaring Tonight is forever and my personal favourite of theirs, Love Comes Quickly In fact all the tracks are excellent.

Please is an album that is worth revisiting, an album that ultimately is one of the great British Debuts.

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