Wednesday, 8 February 2012

HAYWIRE: Soderbergh does Bourne

Hardly a fine wine but certainly thirst quenching; that’s Haywire, Steven Soderbergh’s take on the action film genre that was reinvigorated when Die Hard was released (a movie which set the blueprint for the modern action movie)

When the main protagonist, Mallory Kane, hits a fellah he knows he’s been hit. Kane is played by ex MMA fighter turned actor Gina Carano and because of this background there is something bone crunchingly authentic when things kick off. The plot is pretty much that of a Bourne movie with covert shenanigans, globe trotting, betrayal, set pieces and revenge all in the mix.

The film has a good cast; Banderas, Fassbinder, Douglas, McGregor who all fail to bring any spark so it is left to Carano to carry the movie, which she pretty much does.

As starring debuts go, this is a sterling effort from Carano. She definitely has something and I guess subsequent roles will tell us what that something is.

Fans of Soderbergh will expect more from this movie but fans of the modern action movie will probably enjoy the ride.

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