Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Pow! Wham! Fantastic! Terrific! These were the two colour titles that introduced us Brits to the wonders of Marvel comics in the sixties. They carried reprints of Marvel stories, segmented for a weekly readership, often alongside British adventure stories and traditional UK comic material. These comics reworked covers, splash pages and even took some liberties with costumes and such like but they bought us the spirit of sixtuies Marvel.

Early issues carried free gifts as a form of enticement, these ranged from tattoos and iron on decals to toy Missile launchers and penants; all of which looked far better in illustrated form than when you actually took them out from the middle pages.

These comics were the catalyst for me to seek out the real full colour glossy originals from America and led to a lifelong love of the comic book

Lew Stringer’s excellent blog carries more details

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  1. As a poor colonial, these covers are fascinating as I've never seen (or heard of) them before. Who knew this was the form Marvel reprints took in England! I'll have to research this "FANTASTIC" magazine. Many thanks.


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