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When academics discuss the Punk era that began in earnest in 1976 in the UK The Sex Pistols followed by the Clash are the generally the main topic; and rightly so. The Damned always get a mention as New Rose was officially the first 'Punk' single released, beating the incredible Anarchy in the UK to the punch. However, one band that often get overlooked are The Buzzcocks. They were the masters of the punk pop song and had a number of hits with single releases punchy and ironic; many a British band since, from Blur and Pulp to the new skinny jean boys owe a debt to the Buzzcocks.

Their debut album, released in 1978, Another music in a different Kitchen, is a tremendous piece of work and stands alongside it's contemporaries majestically.
The Buzzcocks are still playing and due perhaps to their status as a pop band at heart they don't seem anachronistic. They still remain what they always were after Howard Devoto moved on; a great British band. This first album is a great mix of their pop sensibility, humour and intelligent song writing. Listen.

Fast cars
Buzzcocks as popstars
moving away from the pulsebeat
Malcolm Garrett's packaging for the album, available during the initial release. The band, like the Sex pistols, married their music with a graphic identity perfectly.

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  1. Another Music in a Different Kitchen was Buzzcocks' first album, released in 1978 and including the hit single "I Don't Mind", which reached #55 in the United Kingdom singles chart in May 1978. The corresponding CD was released in March 1994 on the same record label. This was the second line-up of Buzzcocks, with Pete Shelley singing, following the departure of original leader Howard Devoto.


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