Tuesday, 21 June 2011

SeX piStOLs LivE aT cHElMsfOrD pRisoN


17th September 1976
The Sex Pistols played live at Chelmsford Prison. A gig that has by and large been ignored in the story of the Pistols, along with their Christmas Day gig for striking Firemen. Perhaps these gigs were too altruistic for the myth.

These audio clips show that they were not the ramshackle musically inept band that they were claimed to be in the grey days of 1976.

Thirty Five years ago they were the new breed and as fresh as it gets. Here are some of their lesser known songs.

Suburban Kids

Did you no wrong


Here's a link to a story about some of the kids that attended the Christmas Day Gig


  1. All the banter, crowd noise etc are all fake! Even the talking between songs were added later, its not even Johnny rotten talking between songs.
    There are 2 versions of this recording: one the untouched one and 2 the one with crowd noise "taken from the riot scene in that Sean Penn juvy prison movie....
    Dave Goodman is a fuckin twatting cunt!

  2. Yes the untouched version of the.prison gig is called "sex pistols: alive"
    Also Alives track listing is in order where the "fake" goodman album tracks are not.( for what ever reason goodmen randomized the order)


having said that;