Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Yes, having said that Duke, Jay-Z had to have been allowed to play Glastonbury before she could have played. I don't think they could have done it t'other way round.

Fair enough,... vocal talents and all that but mate, come on. Was she attempting to connect with the common folk via her pal 'Steve' and his birthday song? And Tricky? Sheeeeeeeee-it!


wellyousaythat responds

That's those pesky yanks for ya. 
Tricky, however I've chosen to ignore, he was akin to a interloper who, once he'd reached the stage and not been thrown off didn't quite know what to do. 
On a serious note I was getting a bit pissed off by the 'serious' rock pundits who look down their noses at black music, talking about the fact they watched Queens of the stone age instead ( they played at the same time on another stage)
Beyonce is just the latest in a line of black American performers who put on a show love or hate em. That's just the yank showbiz way and give me that any day above Poe faced Rock snobbery. 


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  1. Yes that is fair enough. Fair points, fairly made. Admittedly I haven't read any reviews from snobby rockers as I've no time for that sort biased shite either. Glastonbury may once upon a time been solely a rock and folk festival but it certainly isn't anymore. I just dislike the plastic lacquer.


having said that;