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Giving her all: The star drew from both her solo and her Destiny's Child back catalogue, as well as covering tracks by the likes of Prince, Kings Of Leon and Alanis Morissette
Beyonce-Check her credentials

Beyonce played Glastonbury last night and it's fair to say she stole the show; and that's what it was, a show. Entertainment as only the talented can produce and Ms Knowles is that; talented.

While I would question the longevity of some of her material what I won't question is her vocal ability. On the less formulaic numbers last night she was as good vocally as anyone else out there. Her set included songs by Kings of Leon, Eurythnics, Etta James and Donna Summer. Her all female band were extraordinarily good and she certainly offered value for money during her 90 minute set.

Yes there were the American Diva moments of crowd interactions but there is something likable about her that allowed those moments to not be cringe inducing.
When Beyonce lets loose with her voice you understand her talents and she is physically quite a stage presence and undeniably attractive. If you compare the epitome of the festival band, U2 and their lead singer Bono; where he is a cold proffessional Beyonce performs as if a vocation.

Particular stand outs were Why don't you love me, during which you could see the interaction and chemistry between Beyonce and her band. When she sang At Last she displayed her vocal control and feeling for the words. Lest we forget, Beyonce is a hell of a singer and it's all too easy to draw comparrison with the greats of yesterday but, right here right now there are few that can touch her. Surely an album of classics must be coming soon; her performance in Dream girls showed she has the feel for the songs of the past.
Why dont you love me

The rapturous audience certainly didn't give a fig about the supposed 'controversy' of her headlining what is essentially a Rock festival, and in seeing a glitzy and slick show featuring an actual superstar perhaps they were reminded of the roots of popular music; the black American artists who had talent and a work ethic.
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  1. Yes, having said that Duke, Jay-Z had to have been allowed to play Glastonbury before she could have played. I don't think they could have done it t'other way round.

    Fair enough,... vocal talents and all that but mate, come on. Was she attempting to connect with the common folk via her pal 'Steve' and his birthday song? And Tricky? Sheeeeeeeee-it!


having said that;