Monday, 31 January 2011


The awful follow up to Guy Richie's Lock Stock & two smoking barrels takes the knock about mockney theme to excruciating lows. While the first film had it's moments, it operated within a smallish budget and low aspiration, Snatch is an example of giving cash to an idea and a 'concept' without applying any quality control.
From the fake New Yorkisms through to the unrealistic Gypsies, the tough guys and wannabes have little truth to their portrayal. It's not just the story which is a threadbare mish mas of cliche, it's the assemblage of a troop of actors who all must know deep down that the dialogue and situations they are plodding through have no element of reality.
deleted scene from Snatch
Made up Cockney rhyming slang, a pat sting in the tale ending and comedy moments from the Eastenders school of humour make this movie an ordeal.
Richie should have been banned from ever making a movie again after this. From trying to be the British Tarantino he is firmly established as the film making equivalent of FHM magazine; over rated, unfeasibly popular and lacking in content.
The great British movie, gangster or London, has died a death over the years and Snatch provided a nail gun to the coffin
Outtake from Snatch-deemed too realistic

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