Saturday, 11 December 2010


I’ve not written about BBC’s The Trip with Rob Bryden and Steve Coogan. The reason being that I have waited for all six episodes to be broadcast as it was clear from the first episode that this programme would build.

It’s an example of how good BBC comedy can be in comparison to the recent spate of new Channel 4 comedy.

Bryden and Coogan play themselves or more likely amplified versions of themselves and it is their interaction that tells the story. The story of where they are each at in life, what Coogan thinks he is and what he really wants to be and Bryden as the one trick pony who is happy and content.

It will either delight or annoy. To me it is a delight. Its laugh out loud funny (something often said but rarely true) it’s quietly clever humour is juxtaposed with poignancy.

I guess that by exposing themselves in this way they may be viewed as either brave or indulgent. I think the beauty of the show is that there is indulgence but it is exposed as a shield.

I like The Trip very much and I think on repeat viewings the subtlety and the underlying truth of the characters comes cross.

TheTrip is much like the meals that Bryden and Coogan are served on their culinary journey; not to everyone’s taste but fine fare indeed

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