Saturday, 4 December 2010

MY HIT LIST #48 Goodfellas Henry Hill's blues

Goodfellas' masterpiece of editing use of soundtrack narration rolled into one
Incredible piece of execution.
The editing of this sequence breaks all the rules and is powered by to the brilliance of Thelma Schoonmaker who is a central part of all Scorsese films. .Winning a BAFTA for Goodfellas, and Oscars for Raging Bull, The Aviator and The Departed, Schoonmaker makes this scene live.

Incorporating Harry Nilson, The Who, *Muddy Waters, The Rolling Stones and George Harrison, Scorsese's musical choices along with the amazing editing skills of  Schoonmaker, make this a tour de force section of paranoia in a tour de force movie.

*i'm a man muddy waters

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